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    Hello all,
    This is my first time to use this forum , my husband and I are planning a 3 week roadtrip on the west coast this july/august , its the big holiday before we start a family so want to make it memorable!

    Our plan is to fly Dublin to San Fran , we have 4 full days in San Fran and from there we rent an SUV , we plan to drive from San Fran to LA , we have given ourselves 2 full days to do this so we plan to stop off in between somewhere for a night - any suggestions where????
    when we arrive in LA were are staying in Santa Monica Beach area for 5 full days then we have 3 days to reach Vegas , we are tinking of taking a detour enroute to vegas and heading to san diego for 2 days and then driving from San Diego to Vegas . Is San Diego worth visiting or is there somewhere else we could visit on the way? Is the drive from San Diego to Vegas nice , is there lots to see along the way? are we mad driving through desert in August??

    Sorry i know lots of questions .....

    But any help would be great , we have got prices from travel agencies so eager to book this weekend!


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    Default Grand canyon?

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    It really is what you want to do that is important and don't worry thousands and thousands of people will be joining you on the road between SD and LV and so on. San Diego is a very popular destination and has many attractions so can there be "to much of a good thing" ? I am not sure but if you wanted a change from the coast and City and would like to see a little more of the Southwest and didn't mind adding miles you could spend a couple of nights at the Grand canyon south rim which is truly spectacular, or you could spend a little time in Palm springs and Joshua tree NP[ which could be done overnight from SD.]

    With an overnight stop between SF and LA you will be able to travel the spectacular coastal route around Big Sur and overnight somewhere such as Cambria.

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