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    I am planning a road trip from NYC to Las Vegas sometime in March 2010 total of 14 days. Do you have any suggestions of where I can go for best sites and routes to take. My plans are as follows: NYC to NC or SC, Carolina to TX, TX to AZ, (or reverse which ever is shortest). from TX or AZ to Las Vegas, Las Vegas to Utah, Utah to Idaho Falls, Idaho Falls to Wyoming (Yellowstone National Park), Yellowstone PK to South Dakota (Buffalo Gap National Grass Land), Wyoming to Minneapolis, Minneapolis to Chicago, and from Chicago back to NYC.
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    Sorry, but I really think you are underestimating just how much you are trying to squeeze into 2 weeks. You could probably cover the miles required to make this loop, but you would have basically zero time left over to do anything other than drive nearly all day every day. It's a solid 7000 mile trip that you've laid out, so with 14 days, that's 500 miles a day or at least 8 hours a day on the road and that's just the point to point distances before you even think about adding in detours to national parks or to sites inside of cities.

    If you were hoping to stop and actually see any of the places you've listed, I think you either need to add more time or scale your trip back. Right now, you've got a trip where you'll be exhausted without really seeing anything.


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