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    Hello all!
    My friend and I are going to be taking a roadtrip this summer and we are trying to set some goals, a bucket list if you will. We are going to be taking approx. 2 weeks in June to travel from MN out west to Washington, Vancouver, California, and back through Nevada, Utah, Colorado and such, camping and staying with friends along the way. What we are trying to create now is our "bucket list," a bunch of random things we want to try to accomplish along our way. So far we have things like "help a stranded tourist" "send a message in a bottle" ect, but we are still trying to put a bunch more on the list, so if you have any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated. We are two college aged (straight) guys so we will take literally ANY suggestions haha. We know generally where we are going to be staying along the way, but any great restaurants or random stops you have experienced would be awesome to hear about as well. Well thanks for any help! Peace and happy trails!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fuzzy67 View Post
    ....... "send a message in a bottle".........
    Might like to rethink that one. It may have been acceptable decades ago, but throwing a bottle into the ocean today could get you into trouble for littering / polluting.

    Lifey who would think of something else to do

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    Default A Few Worth Considering

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Follow one of the thin un-numbered lines (roads) on the map, wherever it leads.

    Stop in a random mid-sized town and spend an hour at its major historic/quirky/scenic attraction.

    Spend an entire day out of the car hiking in a national park or forest.

    Eschew the Interstates for a day.


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    Ohh, I like the mid-sized town and smaller highway ones. We are planning on tenting in yellowstone for 2 nights, and hopefully doing some mt. biking so we've got our grounds on that one. Thanks for the Welcome! Life: This is a good thought, but a message in a bottle doesn't always have to be given to the ocean to decide who finds it, it could be left on a bar, or anywhere it will be found. But I will definitely shy away from just leaving it somewhere.

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    Default Feeling adventurous ?

    Then how about the Royal gorge Skycoaster in Canon city, Colorado, it's claimed to be the highest in the world as you swing out over the gorge !

    or a little more relaxing,

    Witness a sunset at the Grand canyon

    Spot Elvis in Vegas [It's true I have seen him ;-) ]

    Take a hike in a river !

    Drive the "Million dollar highway" in Colorado

    Visit the lowest point in the USA, Badwater in Death valley.

    Drive the highest paved and continuous highway in the US, the Trail ridge road in RMNP.

    Visit the highest incorporated town in the US, Leadville colorado.

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