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    We are relocating to San Francisco in April from the East Coast and thought it could be fun to do a mini road trip starting in either Phoenix or Las Vegas and ending in San Francisco. We have a 2.5 year old and I'll be about 6.5 months pregnant so we would need to stop to stretch our legs and do activities along the way.

    Does anyone have any recommendations on places to stop along the way or feel strongly that the route starting from Phoenix is better than Las Vegas? We've never traveled to the West Cost with the exception of LA and San Fran so we don't have strong feelings about things to see..although I've heard Zion is beautiful. We are outdoorsy but would need to be limited to basic/beginner level hikes or low impact activities given our situation. We also haven't decided if we want to rent an RV or car for this excursion.

    I look forward to your comments/suggestions and thanks in advance!

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    Much will depend on when you are taking this trip, and how long you have. Both will impact on what you will be able to accomplish.


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    April and at least a week.

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    Default For a Couple of Reasons...

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    ...I'd probably choose Phoenix as my starting point. First and foremost, this gives you the chance to make the drive north, over the first couple of days, by way of Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon to Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon. Another day's drive would take you over the Hoover Dam to Las Vegas, and you would then still have several days to finish the trip via Death Valley, Bakersfield, and CA-46 to the Pacific Coast Highway at Cambria and north through Monterey to San Francisco.


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    Default Zion ?

    I agree, Phoenix would be the better choice, especially with the Grand canyon being an option. You would have to go around the Southern end of the Sierra mountains [via Bakersfield area as Buck suggested] and either the coast road or inland to Yosemite would be an option. As you are relocating to San Fran Yosemite and the PCH are within easy reach for long weekends away when you are settled so it might be an idea to maximise your time from Sedona to Death valley and enjoy Zion [Yes it's wonderful] between GC and Vegas via Page AZ and then take a more direct run home.

    The RV has to be a lifestyle choice that only you can make but it certainly won't be the budget friendly one, and you will have one way drop off charges to add, [applies with a car though] campground fees and a return of around 10mpg on gas. If the RV is your choice then check out Cruise America "special deals" on their site. As unlikely as it is to match your destination and date, they have a depot in Phoenix where they refurbish and offer massive discounts to get them taken back to places, got to be worth a look !

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