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  1. Default Michigan to Santa Barbara, CA in Feburary 2010


    I am new to this forum. I am moving to Santa Barbara, CA in February. I have to drive my 2008 Ford Focus there. Also 2 of my friends are coming along for the ride and flying back when we get there.

    I was wondering a few things:

    -Weather conditions?
    -Reccomended places to stop/stay?
    -Reccomended places to visit AND places to avoid?

    Basically any tips anyone has to offer. I have never made a trip like this and I'm really excited but don't really know what to expect! Thanks!

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    Default Research.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    As it's not possible to predict the weather this far in advance and nowhere is immune from winter conditions it is not possible to say anything other than that you could face winter driving conditions anywhere.

    As for places to stop on a cross country trip that could include many routes, well there really is too much to list to start taking stabs in the dark, especially as we know nothing of your interests or how long you have for the trip.

    I would sit down with your mates with a good map of the US and find places that seem of interest to you all. Once you have some dots on the map you can enter key words into the RTA search engine and get lots more info on said places.

    Once you have made a start I am sure we will be able to help fine tune your trip, but for now a little research is needed.

  3. Default fun!

    Having freinds with you will be fun. My son drove from San Diego to Chicago back in Sept. by himself. We talked on the phone ALOT. Anyhow he stopped in Vegas(there are alot of free sites to see). The Grand Canyon(check hours for site seeing there) And he ate at Toby Keiths "I love this bar & grill" in Oklahoma. Just a few ideas for ya

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