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    Default Things to do between race weekends

    I'm going to watch the nascar at Watkin glen NY on the 8th of August and Bristol TN on the 21 of August. So need some tips on cool thing to see on the way down. please help

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    You're in for a treat!! I went to Bristol a couple of years ago and absolutely loved it. Been to many awesome races around the world but, I've got to confess, that was the best. Would also love to get to the Glen sometime...

    Will leave the other stuff to the other guys as it's past my bed time but you must Google Mooresville NC and make a diversion through there. Almost all of the Nascar teams are based in that area and you can go visit their workshops and I'm told you can arrange tours of the shops in advance (I'm not sure as I've never done this)

    You should also check out the National Corvette Museum and the adjacent Corvette factory in Bowling Green KY. You can take a tour of the factory (no cameras inside unfortunately) for something like a fiver (book online) Whilst in Bowling Green you should check out Mammoth Caves National Park and, if you're a drinker like me, the Jack Daniels Distillery in nearby Lynchberg TN. Oh, and Nashville isn't far away either...

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    Default Sites and Roads

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Well, it's been a while since I've been to the Glen. How long? Suffice it to say that when I last attended it was for the Formula 1 Grand Prix of the United States and Jackie Stewart won. Nevertheless, even before you start your drive southward, you should take the time to hike up through the glen for which the town is named. You'll also have the opportunity to visit Williamsport, home of the Little League World Series, and Gettysburg if such venues appeal to you. There are also several great roads that, while time consuming, offer both great driving and great scenery. These include Skyline Drive, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and if you follow Craig's advice to go south into North Carolina the Tail of the Dragon.


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    Default Local racing and a bike ride

    Hello Robert,

    In the immediate vicinity of the track at Bristol is the town of Bulls Gap, TN. There is a great little bullring of a dirt track and they put on a special weeknight show during the week before the August races.

    A little farther north, near Radford, VA, is a 3/8 mile paved track, the name of which escapes me, but it's a very cool-looking track.

    Just 20 or so miles east of Bristol is Damascus, VA, along the midpoint of the Virginia Creeper bicycle trail. There you can take a 17 mile long all downhill ride on the smooth former railroad grade.

    Checking out the "Chasin' Racin" website will give you a state-by-state map and listing of local racetracks plus links to their websites. Googling Virginia Creeper Trail will bring you to numerous bike rental shops and other info.

    Sounds like a great RoadTrip. Enjoy the planning and the trip!


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    Thanks just looked at all the teams and the workshops around the mooresville area and thats going to be something i'm going to do. But not sure what airport to use jfk or Baltimore Washington airport

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    The driving distance from BWI to Watkins Glen is only about 25 miles longer than from JFK. You will have a lot less traffic hassles getting out of BWI and I'd bet that car rental costs will be lower, as would the cost of a hotel room near the airport.

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    Corning Museum of Glass is pretty neat and close to watkin's, and if you haven't acquired hotel reservations for watkins glen, do it as soon as possible. Corning, NY typically sells out for race weekend, I have to schedule my work visits to Corning around this weekend because everything sells out.
    Not too familiar with Bristol, but I would imagine it would be very simliar.

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    The Bristol area has several options - you aren't that far from Kingsport and Johnson City.

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    Default The New Plan

    Quote Originally Posted by Robert0013 View Post
    I'm going to watch the nascar at Watkin glen NY on the 8th of August and Bristol TN on the 21 of August. So need some tips on cool thing to see on the way down. please help
    The new plan fly to Washington or Baltimore on the 5 of August hire a car and head north up I81 for the Nascar at the Watkins Glen that weekend. Stay around the area til the next weekend (14 Aug) for the AMA motorcross at Unadilla Binghamton NY. Then head south for Bristol. If anybody has any idea for that please let me know

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