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  1. Default [Las Vegas to Miami] 1 Month Tour - Jan to Feb

    I'm planning a road trip from Vegas to Miami and we have just over a month to do it.

    Here's the route we're thinking of

    1. That route is not set in stone and we're open to suggestions on where to go. We're a young couple. Any suggestions welcome.

    2. We're planning on doing a mix of camping in national parks and motels. Anything we should know?

    3. We're planning on stopping off for a few days, and then doing a day or two driving at a time. Do we have enough time? How many days driving (approx. 7hrs per day) will we need to do to cover the distance?

  2. Default Las Vegas to Miami

    Welcome to Road Trip America Forum. With a little over a month to make the trip you should have plenty of time. Its a trip of about 2560 miles and if you ave. 50 mph you would need 71/3 driving days @ 60 mph 6 days this would leave 25 or more days to explore. You just to get out maps & plan your trip route When you have a route planed maybe some on this forum could suggest places see and maybe a park of two to camp in.

    billy bob

  3. Default

    Thanks Billy Bob

    Some places we know we'll be stopping:

    - Big Bend National Park, Texas
    - Houston
    - New Orleans
    - St Augustine

    But completely open to ideas for other places.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sheepman View Post
    Thanks Billy Bob

    But completely open to ideas for other places.
    Sorry Sheepman I didn't notice your maped out route before my last post. You might want to consider visiting Grand Canyon & Carlsbad Caverns Nat Parks. You can google Texas Parks & Wildlife & check out all the State Parks that are on your route.

    billy bob

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    Default Some thoughts.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    1] I would have a look closer at the places between A and B to see what appeals to you, but with a month you have time to go off on some larger detours rather than following Interstate across country. For instance if NP's appeal to you I wouldn't be in such a hurry to get away from Vegas and would even consider heading North to start into Utah. This would enable you to visit Zion NP and Bryce canyon NP before heading through Page [Antelope canyon/Lake Powell] to the Grand canyon South rim. Going to Monument valley and the Four corner region is an option to consider.

    2]It's gonna be very cold in places! You will need to keep an eye on winter weather/road conditions before heading off the main Highways. As for the National parks you will find details on on every park here.

    3] You have 7 to 8 days driving 7 hours a day as things stand but your mileage is likely to go up significantly with detours into City's and National parks.

  6. Default Las Vegas to Grand Canyon - Interesting stops? Cheap Place to Stay?

    As part of our road trip we'll be heading out to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas.

    Should be heading out about 9am and will have the whole day to get there so wondering what sights and stops we should check out on the way?

    Also where is cheap to stay near the Grand Canyon? We have found a motel in Williams for for $30 a night.

    Thanks :)
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    For cheap, you aren't going to do any better than Williams or maybe Flagstaff. Hotels in Tusayan are $100+.

    Go across the Hoover Dam to Kingman. Instead of getting on I-40, continue into town and get on AZ-66, which is old historic Route 66. Take that through town and back out, and again, don't get on I-40. Take 66 to Seligman and get on I-40 there.

    Another option is take US-95 south out of LV through Searchlight. Turn left on NV-163 into Laughlin. Cross the bridge into AZ and continue straight onto Bullhead Pkwy. This will end at AZ-95, turn left and go about 6 miles, turn left on CR-153 (Boundary Cone Rd) which will take you into Oatman. From there, you can go over Sitgreaves Pass and meet I-40 west of Kingman. You can then get on 40, or stay on Historic 66 through Kingman as described above.

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    Here's a great, cheap place to stay when visiting the Grand Canyon. It is clean and comfortable, offers a free breakfast and with full kitchen facilities you can prepare a packed lunch for the day, as well as cook your meals. Friendly and helpful staff and many discounted tours to places of note. And the drive up 180 and 64 to the park is a beautiful scenic drive, or you could take 89 to the east entrance.

    Lifey who has stayed there several times

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    Default Canyon time.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    It will take around 5 hours to get to the canyon but a couple of options without much of a detour are to stop at the Hoover dam [you will be going over it anyway] and perhaps a detour onto part of the old route 66 at Kingman through Seligman and back to I40. There a some quirky memorabilia stores in town that are worth a look. It would depend on how long your stay at the GC is as to whether I would take my time or not, if it's just the one night I would want to make the most of my time there.

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    If you're going to be in Texas I definitely would check out Austin. Great music scene with some good restaurants and really fun night life. It's a very young and vibrant city.

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