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    Hey everybody !

    I'm from Denmark (north Europe) and I'm planning a road-trip to USA with a friend. We have already leased a car and booked hotels. Because of our age (20) we're starting in New York and from there we will be driving towards LA. We'll have about 2 months travel time.

    The question is if any of you have any suggestions about the route.
    I'm sorry for my bad English and I'm sorry if there's already a similar thread.

    Thank you

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    Default Research.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    With 2 months to cross the country there are just to many routes and options to start making any meaningful suggestions at this point, other than to say do some research to find places of interest to you and build a route to suit your goals.
    [Although you say you have booked hotels, you don't say where and which route they are on?]

    There is more than a lifetimes worth of things to do between the East and West coast and you will have to narrow things down a bit. We believe the road trip to be an individual experience and there is no one "best" route suits all. Get a good map of the USA and use the forum search function to get info and start putting some dots on the map. Once you have done this we can certainly help you join those dots together and help you to get the best from your trip.

    Enjoy the planning, it's a great part of the whole adventure.

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    Default really?

    I'm quite puzzled by your plans so far. You don't yet know where you want to go (other than from NY to LA) or what you want to see but you have already booked hotels?

    I'm also very curious how you've arraigned a 2 month car lease at 20 years old, being a non-resident of the US. That typically can not be done without paying an extremely high premium ($50 or more per day, working out to $3000 in an underage surcharge alone, not including the base rental rate.)

    Perhaps you've told us more about these rather odd details, we'd have a better idea of how to help you.

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    Hope that you enjoy your road trip & Welcome to the USA when you are futher along with your plans maybe we can help with suggestions

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