Vegas is a GREAT place to start a roadtrip into neighboring Utah, with numerous national parks and amazing things to see.

Of course - starting in Vegas isn't so bad!

I flew into Vegas earlier this year, with my wife, and we spent one night on the strip. The hotel was just a few minutes from Flamingos. I have to admit, I spent a whopping $10 on the slots and that was IT. Oh main focus for the trip was the roadtrip to follow.

Less than 5 hours away you can reach some amazing national parks. My wife and I first visited Bryce Canyon. Great drive - amazing park. Famous for it's Hoodoo's - magnificent pillars of sandstone that reach into the sky.

After a couple of days at Bryce we moved on to Zion. This was the highlight for me. Amazing hikes, splendid views and a great town to stay in close by with awesome restaurants. HIGHLY recommended.

Interesting trivia: Clint Eastwood filmed some of his climbing scenes from The Eiger Sanction at Zion national park!