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  1. Default Planning to drive from LA to New York in February 2010

    My family and I are planning to drive from LA via Las Vegas, Denver, to New York. returning thru Washington, Texas, Arizona to LA. Have hired a car and would be keen to hear if the weather conditions will allow a 7 day drive each way. Also very keen to hear of any alternative routes that may be suggested.
    Leaving Las Vegas on Feb 3rd to NY. Week in NYC then back to LA. Will be on the lookout for cheap accomodation throughout the trip. All suggestions most welcome by this Aussie travel group.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    7 days will be enough time to physically cover the miles, and give you a little room to deal with potential delays from weather.

    However, I will note that you won't have much time at all to see anything. Assuming good conditions, you're going to need 5-6 full days (at least 8-10 hours a day on the road) just to cover the miles.

    I suspect that if you are coming from Australia, you'd like to do something more than just see the side of the interstate, and right now, you really don't have much chance to do that. Throwing in a detour to someplace like the Grand Canyon, for example, pretty much takes up any extra time you have - and its quite likely you'll need that extra time to deal with a slow down due to some snow or ice.

    Honestly, you'd probably be better off using the 2 weeks to do a small roadtrip around a specific area or two that you want to see, and then flying across the country. You'd be able to see and do a lot more than just drive, drive, and drive.

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