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  1. Default Road trip to nowhere with no time limit....?

    So...after I graduate I want to work my butt off for a year or so and then just go. I don't know where I want to go...just that I will get in my car and drive. No strings attached. The problem is...well, there are a lot of problems actually. I'm assuming it will be expensive with gas and food and such. But I don't really eat that much as it is...and I can sleep in my car. So I guess i'm asking if this is way too over the top. It's just that my family never traveled that much (at all, really) when I was growing up and i'm reallllly curious as to what is out there. I will take my guitar and play for money. It this whole thing possible? Any suggestions? Please?

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    Default reality vs fantasy

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Yes, you can certainly get in your car and just go. But Yes, it will be fairly expensive, and yes there are some logistic issues you do need to think about.

    First, do you really think you are going to be able to sleep in your car every night? Maybe you can do it, but think about this one long and hard, because most cars aren't that comfortable to sleep in - and using that as a long term lodging plan may not be a great idea. Even if you go that route, you'll still have to do budgeting for some extra expenses - like paying for showers.

    Second, I would recommend that you plan to live on whatever you save up. Yes, there are some ways to make money on the road, but playing a guitar on the street is generally considered panhandling, and falls between being extremely frowned upon and being illegal. You'd have the potential of creating some significant problems for yourself, and I really don't think it woudl be a smart idea.

    Third, You need to think about how much money you can realistically save up, how little you can live on, and how long you might be on the road. You don't need exact numbers, but estimates will at least give you and idea of what you need to take this trip out of the fantasy stage and into reality.

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    Default Something to think about

    The enthusiasm and the dreams of youth!

    It was a long time ago when someone said, If you don't have goals, you can spend your time and energy running up and down the field of life without ever scoring.

    You have set your date (12 months after graduation), now work on setting your goals, and take it from there. To enjoy a road trip and see your country (and the world), it must have a purpose.... a goal.

    Start of with learning to set goals - short term goals, medium term goals and long term goals. See if you cannot find a mentor experienced in setting goals - life goals, career goals, finance goals, etc...... After that, everything will fall into place.

    Lifey wishes you well

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    Well to the whole sleeping in your car all day you could bring a tent and sleep on in the woods or on a counrty road every once and a while. I am planning on doing this with some of my friends later this year wisconsin tow washington.. idk just an idea then you can strech out and breath in the night air... and you wont be in a stuffy car

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    Default Not Really

    Quote Originally Posted by ryan1064 View Post
    Well to the whole sleeping in your car all day you could bring a tent and sleep on in the woods or on a counrty road every once and a while.
    However, in that situation, you would most likely be trespassing and the police would be within their rights to cite you for such an infraction. Please read the following quote which sums up the situation:

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Sedenquist
    Most truckstops have been remade in the image of "Travel Centers" that cater to both commercial truckers and occupants of passenger vehicles. There is (nearly) always a section of a travel center where over-night passenger vehicles are welcome. If you get a copy of one of the travel center guidebooks, you will find that there are hundreds on smaller two-lane roads, miles from the Interstates.

    Parking on private property without permission is frowned upon in any state in America. Most places have city or county ordinances prohibiting the practice. That being said, many businesses will allow overnight parking -- but the implied courtesy is that you will purchase something from them. I can't imagine you would be thrilled to have some tourist drive into your driveway and sleep over-night without seeking permission.

    Yes, you are likely to get caught if you park in motel/hotel lots. In many places, such behavior will probably result in a jail stay... Personally, I can think of no justifiable reason for trespassing on private property.
    Please keep this in mind as you head out on to the great open road.

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    Default Now Here is the same as No Where

    There's small town in Arizona called Nowhere -- I've always read the town name as "Now Here" and for me it represents the essence of roadtripping -- You may think you found NoWhere, but your always at Now Here.


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