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    I'm leaving Georgia on Oct. 17th. I'm diagonally heading to montana, then to seattle, then down to san fran, then over to the grand canyon and through the middle of the U.S. Not definate but that is the proposed plan. So does anyone have any ideas or tips or any information at all as to what to do, where to stay... etc.?

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    The trip you've laid out covers about 3/4 of the country, so its just not very realistic to think that anyone else can come up with a list of things of things you should to or places you should stop. There are millions upon millions of possibilities, and there is just no way that anyone on any forum is going to be able to give you a nice tidy list. And of course on top of that, you haven't even said a thing about how much time you have or what any of your interests might be.

    In a nutshell, until you tell us a little more about your plan and what you've already come up with, we can't give you much in terms of specifics. What we can tell you is that this site and forum is filled with tips and information, and you can learn a whole lot just by looking around.

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