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    I plan on travelling from San Francisco to Denver on November 1st, 2nd or 3rd of this year. The earliest I can leave is 4 or 5 PM on November 1 (and preferably would leave Nov. 2 real early). I have to arrive no later than 5 PM November 3rd. Is this doable -- or should I just take a plane?

    It looks like I-80 is the fastest, but is there a chance I would hit snow that would slow me down? If so, what's the safest bet to make sure I make it in time -- I-70? I-40?


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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Of course no one can predict the weather this far in advance so there are no guarantees and there could also be construction delays so it's best to check before leaving, but Interstates are the top priority to keep open and flowing. I 80 is your quickest option but to cover the 1260 miles will be 2 very full day's of driving, most likely 11 hours each day. With a 5pm deadline you would have to get a 12 hour day under your belt on day one and get a real early start the following day to ensure you get there on time. Depending on what you have to be there by 5pm for, [as you won't be in great shape I doubt for a business meeting etc] I think you would be better of getting a 4 or 5 hour start and leaving at 5pm on the 1st.
    Another piece of info missing is, how long will you be in Denver and whether the car will be of use while you are there. If it's a meeting and a similar trip to get home within the next day or so, the plane would certainly be an option.

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    I think you probably would be better off flying.

    As Dave mentioned, you could make it in two very long days of driving, but its quite a bit of ground to cover in just 2 days, and its probably going to leave you rather tired when all is said and done. I suspect that you have something you have to do when you reach SF - thus the hard 5pm deadline.

    Weather, while not extremely likely, is certainly a possibility that could also slow you down and lead to some extra.

    I think in a case like this, its going to be easier, and likely cheaper just to fly. You'll be missing some pretty amazing country, but it sounds like time is your top concern here.

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