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    Looking for advice on routes that we could take from exit 7a NJ Tpk to Seattle/CA and back. Would like to begin trip in October and will be returning just before Christmas. I have read some of the threads about what we would like to see etc, but are there areas in the Northern park of the country we need to avoid because of cold/snow in Oct? We would like to come back a southern route. We are traveling in a Motor home and the only stop is in AZ on the way back. If any one has taken a similar trip all comments suggestions are welcome. We are in the begging stages of planning and we usually fly by the seat of out pants so to speak.

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    You are pretty much unlimited in the choice of routes from "Exit 7A on the NJ Turnpike" to Seattle. With no time limit, then it becomes a question of do you want to see a lot of different things along the way, or is you primary concern getting to Seattle as quickly as possible?

    If there is the potential for snow on your route (and there could be in some areas in the North), your best bet at that time would be to stick to the Interstate routes as they will be kept up in the best condition. After all, the 18 wheelers take those routes every day. Where in Arizona will you be stopping?

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    Our stop on the return is near Phoenix. We have about 8 weeks. I figure 7 days for the return and a week in phoenix. That leaves us with 6 weeks, I know I would like to see Chicago, and Mall of america. Any other suggestions would be great.

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    Default The North Coast of the US

    As in the Ohio's Lake Erie coast. We especially like Port Clinton and Put-In-Bay. Definitely stop at Tony Packo's in Toledo for a great meal.

    US-20 in Illinois from Freeport to Dubuque, Iowa, is one really beautiful drive especially when the trees start changing color. Of course, there is also Galena, Illinois. Stop at the Log Cabin for a great meal.

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