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  1. Default Seattle to Pennsylvania in October

    I'm thinking that October is a beautiful time to catch some great colored leaves!

    If all goes well with the sale of our house, we'll be PA bound by the end of September. We actually did this trip via train in reverse after 9/11... but you don't have the freedom to go off the beaten track on a train. :-)

    I cannot remember what kinds of attractions are along the way (National Parks, places of interest, etc.)

    Would love some input.... routes, highways, attractions!

    Thanks so much~

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Without knowing how much time you have available, what your interests are, or what part of October you'll be traveling during, I can only make the most cursory of recommendations. Yellowstone at that time of year is simply wonderful. The majority of tourists will have gone home and you can actually experience some of the quiet and solitude that the park was saved for. Then I'd take I-90 across South Dakota and stop at least at Devils Tower, Mount Rushmore and the Badlands. the a couple of lesser known parks in the souther Great Lakes, Indiana Dunes and Cuyahoga Valley to break up the trip. Your best bet for varied color will be in crossing the Appalachians in Pennsylvania, so you might want to consider an alternative to the two major Interstates and use either US-6 or US-30 instead depending on your final destination.


  3. Default Great recommendations!

    That's EXACTLY what I as looking for.... :-)

    The targeted date(s) will literally be around October 1st.... we don't have a time limit, although I would be reluctant to take much more than about 10 days. We have friends in Indiana, so would be passing through there (I'm not even sure what town...)

    But thank you so much. Any and all suggestions are welcome!

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