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    Let me start by saying this is my first time planning a road trip! I grew in a big city but now live in a small country town. Small towns with history is what I love. My husband and I want to take a road trip that will take us to small towns in the south east USA, that has that old time feel. Im looking for help on finding these places. Can anyone suggest any. We are planning on visiting all southern states. We want to leave in Oct.. There is no set time on returning home. I want to see it all!
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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    A few years ago I made a trip through the deep South and had no trouble finding the types of towns you mention. Just a few that stick in my mind are Eatonton, GA home to the author of the Br'er Rabbit stories; Warm Springs, GA where FDR had his 'Little White House'; Selma, AL with history both old and new; and Natchez and Vicksburg, MS along the Mississippi where old plantations and Civil War sites intermingle. Actually finding charming towns in the south is not at all hard, you just have to look. There is usually a reality behind the stereotype.


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    Just my type of trip. Stay off the interstates, and you will chance upon them in the most unlikely places; at the most unexpected times.

    Lifey who loves small towns off the beaten track

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    Just drive to your hearts content and you are guaranteed to find the type of place you are looking for. Some keys to finding historical towns are in proximity to larger rivers and/or railroads, but don't have an Interstate running through them.

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    Thanks! I'm happy for any help I can get.

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