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    Hi everyone,

    My brother and I are planning to drive from Chicago to Los Angeles between August 10th to August 19th to drop my brother and his car off at USC. We plan on driving the I-80 route, but are willing to stray a little bit for adventure's sake. We both enjoy camping and outdoor activities, as well as sightseeing. I was looking for some suggestions as to where to stop for some fun camping, good activities, etc. We plan on taking all 9 days and need some good ideas for things to do between driving. We'd like to do some whitewater rafting, hiking, maybe even some canyoneering. I figure you folks might have figured out the best stuff to hit. Thanks for all your help!


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    Do you mean the I-80, I-76, I-70, I-15 route? If so, this will bring you close to some awesome places to get out and take a hike, including Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks. You could also diverge into Canyonlands in Utah.

    The trip on the way out puts you at roughly the following pace:
    Day 1: Omaha
    Day 2: Denver
    Day 3: Cedar City
    Day 4: Los Angeles

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    Yes, that's the route we're taking. We were thinking of focusing our efforts on the two parks near Moab, with only minor stops between there. We plan on spending 3 days in the Moab area, with one of them spent whitewater rafting. Any thoughts on good hikes or whitewater trips?

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