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    Hi everyone. Not only am i new to this forum but also to travelling in the US.
    Like many people on this forum i want to see something of California. LA, San Francisco, and the National parks are on our 'must see' list
    But we would also love to visit some small places that are not in the Loneley planet :-)We have 3 weeks and the more i am reading about California the more confused i get!We will start and finish in San Francisco but i am not sure anymore about what to do in between because their is so much to choose from. Any driving suggestions or must see attractions would be greatly appreciated!


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    People often say they don't want to do "touristy" things or see things that no one else goes to see. The reality is though, the reason most places are considered "touristy" is because they are great places to visit, and that's why they are popular.

    For your first trip, especially if you are confused already, start by worrying about the big things. If you are taking your time and enjoying yourself, you'll probably find things that weren't in a guide book all on your own.

    There are hundreds of threads about loops through California on this forum. I'd start by looking through some of them (here are just a few of our favorities), that should help you clear up some of your confusion, and of course, you just might find of off the beaten path ideas in the process.

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    What kind of places are you expecting to stay at? Will you be looking to do some camping, staying at motels/hotels, or possibly some combination of the two? Are you looking to spend some time out in the backcountry doing some hiking, or do you want to stay to the roads and let the other people mingle with the wildlife? California is quite the large place and I can certainly understand your confusion in what places to pick and choose.

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