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    My friends are planning a road trip starting August 1st; I am flying out on the 10th to meet them in San Diego. We would like to see as much of California as we can as well as have enough time to travel up through Seattle and Victoria and back home to Calgary AB.

    How many days should we allow? I have 9 days off should I request more time off?

    What are some key places we should check out?

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    Default A simple Yes.

    If you want to see as much as possible then it makes sense to take as much time as possible ! Hello and welcome to the RTA forums.

    There are endless amounts of things to do but unless you can get a whole lot more time then you will be better off doing some research and finding the places that are of the most interest to you rather than trying to see as much as you can. This thread has some great info and you will find much more using the search button to navigate around the forums.

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