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    Default Mia -> Cali I Need HELP with this trip

    I am going 1 way Miami to cali there are two of us, we are trying to make it there in like 15 days and see a bunch of cool stuff... I haven't been able to find much except the alphabet things where as I am looking for something or someone who as apt knowledge of a particular or a few particular states. I will probably not go north of the 37th latitude (that flat line starting on top of NC that goes across the US.... anyone please help.

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    Default starting with yourself

    I'd first recommend that you go back and take another look at the advice you got the first time you asked the question.

    Having said that, you really need to take the first step here. You're basically asking, "what is there to do in the United States", and as if that wasn't an impossible enough task, you haven't told us a single thing about you and your interests. If you've seen the A-Z list of things to do in every state, then you have an idea of the vast number of things you could do - after all, even though that list contains more than 1300 things in the US alone - it just bareley scratches the surface of possibilities.

    Some times the simplest starting point is the easiest. Get out your map, take a look at where you are going, and find some of thing things you want to do. If you've got an idea of what you want your trip to be, its going to be much much easier for others to start giving you other suggestion that will actually be helpful, and not just random ideas thrown against a wall.

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