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    Default Marietta, GA to Davis, CA in 7 days!

    This is my first post on this forum - thanks for the great resource!

    We're relocating to Davis, CA (just to the west of Sacramento) from Marietta GA (just north of Atlanta) and we're planning on making the move a family roadtrip at the end of July. We will be 2 parents, 2 kids (3 and 6!) and grandparents traveling together in one vehicle - the parents and grandparents can all share in the driving duties.

    Currently we're looking at the following route:
    Marietta, GA
    St Louis, MO
    Sioux City, IA
    Badlands National Park - visiting Mt Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Devils Tower, etc in the Black Hills area of South Dakota
    Yellowstone National Park (spending at least a full day in the park)
    Then shortest route to Davis, CA (via Grand Tetons to I-80 across Nevada, Lake Tahoe)

    Is this doable in 6-7 days - with 5 days of driving to allow for a day to explore the Black Hills/Badlands and another for Yellowstone?

    I'll be updating the route during the next few days, but any comments and suggestions will be appreciated.


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    Default close but

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    Your idea is close to working, but you really need on more day. Its a days drive between all the places you've listed, except Yellowstone to Davis is solid 2 days. So that means you need 6 days on the road, which only leaves you one for exploration of the Badland/Black Hills or Yellowstone.

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