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    Hello everyone. I am leaving in a few days for a road trip from Kentucky to Utah. We are very excited. I think I have all of the logistics of the trip figured out but I am interested in any reports that anyone has on road construction on I64 and I70. I know that there is some construction around St. Louis and any advice on a quick way to get from I64 west bound to I70 west bound would be greatly appreciated.

    In a slightly unrelated matter, how long does it take to drive over the rocky mountains on I70? Is the road so steep and winding that traffice gets backed up? Can I expect (with light traffice of course) to be able to drive my mini van at 55-60 miles per hour for most, if not all, of the mountains?

    Any tips on construction or travel times for my route would be great!

    Also, very nice forum loaded with information. I saw an article on Fox News several days ago in which a member of this forum was quoted. Good Job!!!

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    Default 70 is clear

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I just spent the Weekend in St. Louis, and there are no problems on I-70. I-64 is closed west of Downtown to I-170, but the detour for the section is I-70 itself. Coming from the east, I-64 and I-70 merge in Illinois, and then once you cross the Mississippi, you'll just continue to follow I-70.

    The construction makes for a few headaches getting around if you are in the city, but if you are just passing through, taking I-70 onto Colorado, then you shouldn't see any significant problems.

    All interstates are built to require minimum grades and curves that allow you to maintain highway speeds even through the mountains. Unless there is an unusual event, you should not have any reason to go slower than 60 (and in fact, you'll likely be passed left and right going anything under 65-70.)

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    Thanks Midwest Michael! Good info on the I64/I70 exchange. Also, I would much prefer to do the speed limit (or even a few miles over) if I can. I was hoping that the Rockies would be good for that as well. I would love to be able to go 65-70 over the mountains.

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    If you hit STL in rush hour, I would recommend I-64 to I-255 North to I-270 West to rejoin I-70. It would be very slow going downtown if you tried to take I-70 all the way through.


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