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    We are moving this summer from Cali to Ohio. I dont have anything planned out, but was wondering where there are some great places that are must see. We dont have a time line, so we can take as long as we'd like. We will have 5 kids with us (aged 13-5). Also want to have some great "MUST" food places. Any ideas for us?

    Oh and we love Historical areas. Rocks and collectable stuff!

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    Default must decide

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    As you'll see if you look around here a bit, we really don't believe in the term "must see" because everyone's tastes are different, and that assumes that there is some magic list to make a perfect roadtrip. The beauty of a roadtrip is that everyone is different and you can customize it to the must sees of a particular traveler.

    There are tons of great historical stops that could be on a potential trip between Ohio and California, especially since if you don't have a timeline, you could theoretically take some pretty big detours.

    What are some places that you are thinking about or route ideas that you've come up with. If you've got a first step, we can help point you towards your goals, but you need to get down some of the basics yourself first.

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    Okay here is what we have.
    We are leaving from LA County across the 10 to the 15. We are driving up to Vegas to stay for a day or 2. Then down the 93/95 I-515, Go through Laughlin, continue on the 93 to I-40. I-40 thru Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, through Oklahoma where we will hit the 44 and head into Missouri. We are going into St Louis and then heading back down to Tennessee to see family, so it looks like we will take the 64 to the 57 to the 24. We will hit NAshville to stay, then take the 65 which will take us through Kentucky and up through Ohio. :) Any suggestions?

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    Default Some Possibly Worthwhile Stops

    Michael is right in that the beauty of RoadTrips is that there is simply no one-size-fits-all list of "must-sees" that everyone has to get to. In your case, with an interest in history and geology, and your stated route, here are a few places that should suit you. The Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff where Pluto was discovered; the Grand Canyon, of course, if you haven't already seen it; Petrified Forest/Painted Desert in eastern Arizona; Petroglyph National Monument outside Albuquerque; Fort Reno in El Reno, OK; the Oklahoma City Memorial; the Arch and Museum of Westward Expansion (together) in St. Louis; Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky; and Abraham Lincoln's birthplace and boyhood home (separate) outside Hodgenville, KY. You should also give your kids a map with your route marked out on it and let them see if there's anything near where you'll be going that they want to see.

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    For me, there are 3 "must eats" along that route - the Big Texan in Amarillo, Lambert's Cafe in Ozark MO, and Super Smokers in Eureka MO.

    Do you get the idea I like meat, and a lot of it? NOTE! Lambert's does NOT take plastic. Hit an ATM before you go, there should be one in the gas station across the street. Also expect a long wait for a table.

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    Default A couple more

    Not having a time line opens up thousands of possibles but not to far off I-40 there is Acoma Pueblo [sky city] and [a little further] Canyon De Chelley.

    Originally posted by AZBuck The Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff where Pluto was discovered;
    And I had always thought that he was discovered in Walt Disney world !!

    [sorry, I'll get me coat ! ]

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    Thank you for all your responses! I have never been through most of the states we will be hitting, so its nice to have an idea of what is around. I asked the kids for all their ideas, and we got alot of "factory" answers. They want to hit the MnM factory/tour in Vegas, and the KFC museum in Kentucky. We are big eaters too, so it's nice to see some ideas of where we can go chow down on some great food. Definatly going to hit Grand Canyon, and the Four Corners. And where Pluto was discovered is an awesome idea!! (We will hit Disneyland before we go too, so we can see Pluto up close. hehe)

    Any more ideas for Museums, tours, shows, diners? Cool places to stay?

    Thank you so much! These ideas have been amazing!

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    If you are BIG eaters, Lambert's is just the place for you. Portions are huge, and they keep bringing around free extras. With tax, tip, and drinks, it's difficult to spend more than $20 apiece. Check the online menus for the places I suggested.

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    GLC: We looked up the places you suggested and we are all for it! Have to arrive early, so we dont have a 2-3 hour wait! They look fun!

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    You can call in from the road to Lambert's and get a wait time estimate before you get off I-44, they are very accommodating about that. 417-581-ROLL. It takes about 20 minutes to get there from I-44 exit 69.

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