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    Hi all, we'll be coming over to the US at the beginning of September for the start of a mammoth 3 month road trip! Never been to the states before at all, so going right in at the deep end. We intend to hire a car for the duration and wondered if anyone could recommend either just a mid-size car or a 4wd? There's only myself and girlfriend and we'll just have a couple of cases so space isnt really an issue. We intend to start in NY, then go up through New England and across the top, New Hampshire, Montana etc, then down the entire West Coast to San Diego and then back to NY through Arizona, Texas, Mississippi etc. We intend to try to get up places like Mount Washington (NH) and Pilot Butte (Oregon) and wondered whether a 4wd would be necessary, how steep are some of these roads exactly and is it likely we'll be up to our ears in snow or will we miss all that? Any advice welcomed.

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    Simply put, if you can't drive there in a regular car, you can't drive there in any rental car. Even 4x4 SUVs can't be taken off-road without violating the terms of a rental contract. Even if you run into snow, unless you have experience traveling in winter weather, having 4 wheel drive is almost as likely to cause you have a problem by being overconfident rather than using caution in a 2 wheel drive car.

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    Thanks for that, i think we were favouring a car, also in terms of fuel economy, think its likely we'll be doing around 7000 miles or something? I just didnt want to get caught out trying to drive up a steep incline i hadnt bargained for!

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    If the roads are that bad, they will either be closed or tire chains would be required.

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