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  1. Default Detroit to Yellowstone Round Trip in 16 Days

    New to this forum and first time out west traveler looking for some ideas and advice.

    Trying to put together a workable 16 day road trip in August to Yellowstone and other stops along the way. Right now I am looking at leaving the Detroit area and heading to South Dakota via HWY 90. We want to make stops in Badlands, Black Hills, and at Mt. Rushmore for sure. Then on into Yellowstone and the Tetons. Based on other attractions, I would like to take either HWY70 or 80 for the return trip back to Detroit.

    I am interested in other recommended stops along the way as well as input on trying to do this in 16 days or less.

    Additional information: We are a family of four with a mini schnauzer dog. Kids ages are 15 and 11. We will be pulling our travel trailer so we are also looking for recommendations on campgrounds and whether we need to make reservations ahead of time.

    Please let me know any recommendations/advice you may have!


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forums!

    16 days is actually a fairly good amount of time for such a trip. You could make the drive to Yellowstone in 3 days if you pushed hard, and 4 days if you took it easy, so that still leaves you about a week to spread between seeing Yellowstone and places along the way. It's also a generally good idea to take different routes out and back to help keep the sense of seeing something new every day. Since you say you have 'other attractions' to see in I-80 or I-70, I'll assume that you've got the what-to-see aspect of this covered. But some things you may also want to check out: If your kids are into water parks, Wisconsin Dells would make a good stop. The Circus World Museum in nearby Baraboo WI might also prove entertaining. The Corn Palace in Mitchell SD is one of those 'there can only be one of these' attractions that might amuse everyone, and Wall Drug in Wall SD is worth a visit if only to get the free glass of water and to walk through the very eclectic store. If you return via I-80, you'll be following the route of the old Oregon Trail with several unique rock formations that served as landmarks to the pioneers and a few old cavalry forts to explore. If you end up on I-70 then the Arch and the Museum of Westward Expansion beneath it are the main attractions.

    As for camping, I generally find that state parks offer the best value for the money. With people staying closer to home and looking for lower cost accommodations, these may tend to fill up faster than usual, especially during peak vacation season. So you should start now figuring out roughly where you'd like to make camp each evening, search through that state's park website, find a park that appeals to you and can handle your rig, and make reservations. That will be one less hassle to have to contend with while on the road and will be especially critical in the Yellowstone/Tetons area.


  3. Default Thanks AZBuck!

    Thanks for the input and great ideas. I know the kids would really like the Wisconsin Dells area. Also looking at a Mall of America stop as well. I think we could spend a couple of days in this area.

    Although I have not researched the points of interest along I-80 yet, I am leaning toward this route over I-70 because we traveled I-70 through Missouri and into Eastern Kansas about three years ago.

    I am also considering flipping the route and going the I-80 route first then return via I-90. My thought for considering this is that I want to make sure we spend the time we need in the farthest out west locations and then we can spend whatever time remaining at the Mall of America and in the Wisconsin Dells area.

    Still looking for other "must see" recommendations along I-80 and I-90.

    Thanks again!

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