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    Default East Coast: Washington DC>Niagara Falls>??>NYC


    I’m planning my summer vacations with my husband and another couple for next August. It’s my firth time in EUA and we decide to explore the East Coast.

    We'll be flying in from Lisbon to Washington DC and spend there 2/3 days. Then we will get a flight to Buffalo and visit Niagara Falls.

    After Niagara we will rent a car for 7 days and… we are still deciding where to go… so we would appreciate some tips. :) The 7 days roadtrip will end in NYC – we will stay there 4 days and go back home.

    We wouldn’t like to spend the whole day driving but also visiting nice places. We like to visit the traditional sites you’re supposed to see during the day, but then explore the neighborhoods where you find culture and good food.

    We do not really have a plan but we have some thoughts: Maine (?), Adirondacks (?), New England, Boston, Cape Cod, Newport… stay in B&B's along the way… and finally end up in NYC.

    Any driving suggestions or must see attractions would be greatly appreciated for these 7 days.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who is willing to help.

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    I would recommend instead of flying to Buffalo, take the train to the NYC area and rent a car there for return there. Renting in Buffalo for return in NYC will carry a dropoff charge.

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    Default Some Light Reading

    Bem-Vinda! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I agree that taking the train to New York and then renting a car there so that you could return it there and save some money makes a lot of sense. A week is not a lot of time to try to see all of the northeastern United States, but here are a few things you should consider seeing between Niagara and Boston as well as in New England.


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