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    So my boyfriend and I are moving to Tampa Bay, and road tripping for the first time!

    The two stops we must make along the way are Wichita Falls, TX and Im dying to party in New Orleans! We're a pretty young couple (mid 20's) and are taking our time on the trip, looking to see all we can! We're pretty outdoorsy people too and are interested in river rafting and maybe even the everglands... Basically thrills and FUN FUN FUN!

    If anyone has any suggestions in helping plan for this trip please email me the What and Wheres I may overlook! NM and Texas are looking pretty dry so far (NO OFFENSE!) So if anyone can offer help that'd be great!

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    Default time?

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    How much time do you have available for this trip? You're already going a little out of your way to go up to Witchita Falls, so its good to know how much room you'll have for other detours.

    White Sands and Carlsbad Caverns would be two pretty obvious outdoorsy stops as you make your way through New Mexico, but that's just a starting point.

    I'd also say that I would skip the everglades since, A- they are a several hour drive past your destination and B- since you are moving to Florida, you'll be able to drive there whenever you want, so it would make more sense to spend time in places that you won't be able to easily visit again.

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    Thanks for your reply!

    Yeah Wichita is out of the way but we have a buddy we're staying with up there. Besides that we dont really have any other destinations besides New Orleans, so so far our trips been poorly planned! (I just started!) :)

    Thanks for reminding me of the White Sands or Calsbad Carvers , Ill look into those. And I did JUST realize the everglands are South FL.. Do you know of anywhere else we can do activities similiar to that? Or even white water rafting?

    About the time, we have no specific date we have to be in Tampa, so we were just going to take our time and wing it! I definitly dont want to miss out on any historic sights or fun adventures along the way though so Im trying to research as much as I can. We're leaving here (Phx) the 26th of June and were estimating about a week or two long road trip, alls relative of course!

    We're going to try not to detour TOOO much but are happy to do so if it looks worthwild. We enjoy sight seeing and all but we're mostly looking for active things we can actually DO, so if anything else comes in mind..

    Also, I havent looked into hotels along the way.... after seeing one too many horror movies is there anything you could recommend so I could plan our stops and avoid looking like a crime scene??

    Sorry about all the questions... its probably pretty annoying.. but I have plenty more if you end up responding... :)

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