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  1. Default Need advice on trip from end of sep to dec

    Hello all,

    I'm planning on a trip from september to december (all of september i'm planning on beingin florida).

    Anyway, my plans are aside from the touristy kind of things, mostly to travel between national parks and camp.

    Now the advice i need is whats national parks or even other places are good for long term camping in this months.

    I'll be a little more specific when i say 'camp' i dont mean with my RV or something like that i mean when you get your bag with all the stuff and just go in to the woods for a week or so, more like south america trekking you know ?

    thanks !

  2. Default just figured how unspecific i was

    Ok. so my general plan right now is texas, maybe to pass by new mexico on the road to california just for the hot sprin, californiia, utah, maybe some idaho and if i'm lucky alaska for a week.
    overall... but if you have other good places for what i asked i'll be more than glad to hear :)

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    Default South to North for December ?


    You will find the National parks website extremely useful for info on all the parks and campgrounds within them. You cannot just take your stuff into the woods and camp, you will have to camp in a designated area and/or get a permit for back country camping. If you are visiting a lot of parks you would be wise to purchase the annual pass for $80This entitles you to enter all NP's and Fed lands for one year but does not include camping and any tours etc, just entrance. The fee is equivalent to visiting 4 major parks, after that you are "in pocket".
    I am sure someone will be along to advise you better on your travel plans than I, but most people, I am quite sure would prefer to start there journey in the North and head South trying to stay ahead of the extreme weather and below freezing night temps that you can see in Utah, never mind Alaska and Idaho !

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