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    Default Portland and Northern Oregon Coast with Kids

    I am looking for some assistance in finalizing some plans for our summer road trip with 2 kids (10 & 12). We are travelling from Vancouver, BC to Oregon.

    Our itinerary is as follows:

    Day 1 - Travel to Portland
    Day 2-3 - Portland including Oaks Amusement Park, Powell's Books
    Day 4 - Travel to Newport (avoiding I5, maybe through Corvallis and a couple of wineries)
    Day 5 - Activities around Newport - maybe dunebuggies
    Day 6 - Newport to Tillamook (Tillamook Air Museum)
    Day 7 - Tillamook to Astoria
    Day 8 - Astoria to Seattle
    Day 9 - Seattle to Vancouver, BC

    We are definitely planning on visiting some of the lighthouses along the coast as well stopping for beach time. I've seen quite a few activities on-line but am wondering if anyone has any recommendations.

    Also, we will be travelling on a budget, but do plan to splurge on a great seafood dinner - any thoughts?


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    Tony J Case, Super Genius Guest


    Depending on the age range of the kids, you might want to consider a stop at Prehistoric Gardens, about half way up the oregon coast. It's been decades since I've been there, but I remember being blown away when I was there as a wee lad. Heck, I'd probably consider it a hoot these days.

    There was this candy shop in Seaside that had peanut brittle to die for. Sadly I dont remember the name of the place - but it wasnt the big taffy shop. Nearby, within walking distance - but Seaside isnt that big. A little bit of hoofing should yeild results. (The taffy shop, by the way, is also dangerous for your waist-line but wonderful for your sweet tooth)

    The Sea Lion Caves, just a bit south of Newport, was also pretty cool. Not a whole lot to see, so it's a pretty short stop, but it was an impressive cave.

    The Devil's Punchbowl made for some impressive displays if you get some good waves. And it's another short stop - so it wont kill the whole day.

    A bit further north the Astoria Column offers some REALLY nice views, if you're willing to climb a step or two (or two hundred).

    Bingo! Found the Peanut Brittle place: Portland Fudge

    ***EDIT 2.0***
    And here's the Taffy place: Seaside Candyman

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    Default Thanks!


    Thanks so much for the tips - the kids are looking forward to the candy stops (as are the adults:) )

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    Tony J Case, Super Genius Guest


    My pleasure! Glad to be of help.

    Oh, which reminds me! One more stop for consideration (especially if the sweet tooth is still going strong), hit the Tillimook Cheese Factory in Tillimook. The tour there is pretty short, but still interesting (unless they don't have the factory running - which has happened to me once). The little shop they have at the end sports some pretty good selection of yummy cheeses and the ice cream stand - well, it's not the best ice cream I've ever had, it's still pretty good.

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