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    Hey Everyone :),
    Me and three friends are planning a road trip across USA, in 2011 (I know its early) once we all finish uni. We are looking to plan well ahead to ensure we fit in as much as possible. We were hoping for 3 months away. I want to give you our 'idea' leg by leg to make sure we are being realistic. We are planning on travelling New York - Los Angeles.

    Our first leg:
    New York - Cleveland.
    Staying 4 nights in New York
    Staying 2 nights in Buffalo taking in Niagara Falls
    Staying 1 night in Cleveland taking in the Rock n Rock Hall of fame.
    Is there anything else between 'must see of famous spots' we could stop at.

    We want this trip full of memories :)

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'd say you are off to a perfectly fine start, however, it really is difficult to provide good help on a forum like this when you are only getting a couple pieces of the overall puzzle. I'd recommend that you work up an outline of your entire plan, and see what you come up with. In addition to coming up with places to go, I'd also be thinking about the budget and how much money you'll have to work with.


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