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    Default Don't Look Down...

    As Ned told Phil in "Groundhog Day," "Watch out for that first step. It's a doozy!!"

    And it's only 103 floors straight down!! The Sears Tower has announced that they are installing balconies with special glass floors so you will have that floating-in-the-air feeling.

    And, there will not be any extra charge at the Observation Deck (however, they raised admission up a buck to $14.95). Not EVEN going to talk about the parking rip-off. I'm sure there must be one of the mayor's taxes on it as he is taxing anything that doesn't move.

    By the way, if you want to see the Sears Tower, you have until this summer when it becomes the Willis Tower.

    I reckon I'll forego the experience. Way too scared, you know.

    RoadDoggin', But Not That High!!

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    Tony J Case, Super Genius Guest


    Oooh, that sounds kind of cool. Does anyone know if it's open/finished yet? I'd love to stop and take a looksee.

    (So how much is the parking ripping you off for, anyway?)


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