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  1. Default Whitewater rafting in Colorado, Wyoming?

    We are planning a road trip from Milwaukee to the NP of Yellowstone, Rockies, etc. with a final destination to participate in a whitewater rafting experience with class III-IV rapids. Any suggestions on rivers, rafting companies, and also how long to allow for this type of driving trip?

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    It's about 1350 miles from Milwaukee to Yellowstone, this should take about 2.5 days. From Yellowstone to Denver is 580 miles which would be a big stretch trying to do that in 1 day (secondary roads), but it could be done. I picked Denver simply as a point of reference.

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    Hi Kristy, welcome to the R.T.A. forums !

    The amount of time to allow will depend on how long you want to spend at the wheel each day and what [if any] sight seeing you wish to do. glc has given you an idea of the minimum amount of time with no major stops and long days.

    I have no idea about white water rafting companies and I am not sure you will get that info here but plenty turned up when I googled "colorado white water rafting" including this one so I would just search for price comparisons and locations and see what best suits your needs.

    If we can help you with other aspects of your trip let us know.

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