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    We are going to Austin for a taekwondo event, 3 adults 1 teen. It will save us alot to drive a rental car. Is it feeazble to think with 3 drivers it can be done straight through? With only food rest room stops?

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    Default In a word: No

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    Its 2000 miles from Boston to Austin. That is a solid 35 straight hours in a car, under ideal conditions. Even if you were taking turns driving, that is just way way way too much time to be in a moving vehicle without real sleep, to safely make this trip.

    Even on a speed run, you should really be looking at stopping for the night at least twice, and that's the very very minimum.

    Saving a few dollars is not worth risking your life and the lives of others on the road by driving tired, and there's just no getting around that with your plan.

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    Default Is this a competition you're participating in?

    Not to mention, you'll be way too tired to compete without proper rest.

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    I don't see how with a rental car, road food, and hotel costs for a safe trip, that would be cheaper than flying. As Michael said, even doing a speed run, you should spend 2 nights on the road each day. Drive if you want to see the country, fly if you just want to get there and back.

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