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    Hi, I would like to know if i can cross the Qc/usa border with my own car,I am 17.

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    Even if you get a reply to your question here, you would be foolish to take it. You are talking about entering a foreign country as an unaccompanied minor. As such then you need to contact U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, and I do mean contact them, not just read their website. If you will turn 18 before you come south, then that question is moot and 'all' you will need is a passport, proof that you own the car and proof that it is insured.


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    I am going to make a wild guess here - you will need a notarized permission letter from your parents.

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    My husband travels for business on a regular basis. He goes everywhere, and he rarely has any difficulty -- except when he goes to Canada. Somehow he always finds himself entangled in some manner of bruhaha when he visits y'all neighbors to the north.

    Once not long ago he flew into Detroit, rented a car, and drove across the border. He didn't land 'til after 11:00 pm, so it was very late by the time he arrived at the hotel. The hotel refused to accept his one credit card (Discover), saying in snooty terms that no one in Canada accepts such dribble; I, however, thought he had a very good argument: that very hotel had accepted it in payment for his first night's deposit. He would've been literally out in the snow that night, had one of his co-workers not been there to bail him out. He was the victim of a hit-and-run wreck on that same trip.

    On his next trip up north -- to the Vancouver area -- he and three Russians (who spoke little English) were taken aside into the search-you-good room. Security dealt with the Russians first, and he says they were exceedingly thorough; for example, they took out every item of clothing, turned it inside our, even checking the seams. Then those men were each taken into the strip search area. My poor husband was terrified, but when they heard his Southern accent and realized he wasn't with the other guys, they sent him on his way.

    Strange things happen to him when he goes to Canada -- those are just the two that come to mind at the moment. He likes to go, though. He likes that he can order a rare steak, and he likes to buy Tylenol 3 over the counter.

    The point? I suppose it is that you just don't know with the Canadian border.

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    Default Or the US border

    Since I live in a border state with Canada, many people travel up there at least once a year or more. What I find interesting is that I've never heard any stories where people have had problems going into Canada. I have heard numerous stories about Americans having problems getting back into America. I've encountered that myself.

    So, either way, travelers want to be sure they have everything in proper order.

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