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    Hi there

    We are planning a road trip for 4 years time when we retire. We would love to spend a few days in a traditional log cabin, not expensive or fancy, but with wonderful lake views or in a national park with walking trails. We will be going from June to September. Could anyone please give suggestions on the nicest places they have found or where to go? We want to do many cities and see Mount Rushmore, the badlands of Montana, California coast. We are just thinking ahead.

    Any suggestions gratefully received!


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    Many state and national parks rent cabins for good prices.
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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Besides cabins available at state parks, often you can get cabins in the national parks themselves. For example there are 23 cabins available at Cedar Pass Lodge in Badlands National Park. I have stayed in the cabins on the north rim of the Grand Canyon. But short of being fortunate enough to have someone respond to your generalized request with specific first hand information, the onus will be on you to check parks in the areas where you'd like to 'camp' and see what they have available. Given the timing of your travels, this is probably a task that you can do at your leisure by simply doing searches of the various parks in your intended areas of travel. I actually find this one of the most pleasant aspects of trip planning, the 'daydream' phase.

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    Hi and thanks for the replies. I do sound quite vague in my question I realise! I just wondered if people could let me know the best places they have stayed in a cabin in. Thanks for the suggestions re: Badlands. We really do want to go there on our trip.

    It's a great forum and will be invaluable to me in the bext couple of years!

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    Default A picture is worth a thousand words.

    Two places stand out for me.

    1) Stanley, Idaho. Almost picture perfect place. Redfish Lake Lodge - has cabins at the side of Redfish Lake which is overlooked by the Sawtooth Mountains.

    One of the cabins.

    View from the side of the lake where the cabins are situated.

    2) Moab, Utah. Another area of wall to wall red rock scenery. Red Cliff Lodge - just outside Moab with cabins wonderfully located at the side of the Colorado River.

    One of the cabins with the Colorado River flowing past your window.

    View if you walk the few yards from your cabin to the waters edge.

    Hopefully food for thought. Best of luck in your planning.

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