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  1. Default ADVICE: Most Scenic Route from FL-CA.

    Hello there! I am new here to the site, and needed a little advice on my upcoming roadtrip! (Which is what brought me here) :P

    The constingencies:
    I have 7 days.
    Departing Jacksonville, FL.
    Arriving North Island, CA.
    Making one stop in Little Rock, AR.
    Leaving in mid-April, arriving late Apr.

    That's it! I would normally just drive straight through, but lodging and gas are not an issue this time, and this will be my first Cross-Country Road trip by myself! (Yes, by myself) So therefore am not looking to drive more than 500-600 miles a day. (I can if I need to though) I have driven days at a time by myself before. Not smart, never doing it again, but it sure was a test of limits! :)

    Looking for a scenic route, monuments, history, beautiful neighborhoods (where is the most scenic neighborhood btw?) Anything really that would be worth the while to stop and see...interesting restraunts, special spring festivals, etc.

    Appreciate it! :D

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    500 to 600 miles a day is our normal recommendation for simple point-to-point driving on Interstate-quality highways, so that doesn't leave you much time for real sightseeing. That will put you in the vehicle for about 10 hours a day with fuel and potty stops and maybe a quick lunch. Budget the rest of each day accordingly for diversions.

    Fastest route is about 2500 miles,and would take 5 days plus whatever time you spend in Little Rock other than a standard overnight (arrive in the PM and leave in the AM). That gives you a little time to play with. That would take you through Tallahassee, Dothan, Montgomery, Birmingham, Tupelo, Memphis, Little Rock, then I-40 to Flagstaff, I-17 to Phoenix, then I-8 to San Diego.

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    Default Beauty on the Fly

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Actually, I think one of the most beautiful cities on your route is close to home: Savannah, GA. Another great city for beauty, art, and history is Santa Fe, NM. Major stops on your way would include the Memorial in Oklahoma City and the Grand Canyon, of course, and if you're of a mind, there is a great alternate route, the Talimena Scenic Drive, in northwestern Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma. But also be sure to stop at the welcome centers as you enter each state and ask them what's not that far off the roads you plan to drive. They'll know their neighborhoods far better than anyone here.


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