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    Finally convinced my wife to go on a mini-road trip. We are leaving tomorrow morning from central Indiana and will stop at City BBQ in Dayton. After that we really don't want to stop much until we get to the Flight 93 Memorial in central Pennsylvania. We then will have dinner at this unique restaurant in Bedford, PA (Jean Bonnet Inn). After that we plan to get to Philly late in the night tomorrow or stay overnight somewhere in central PA before heading into Philly on early Saturday Morning. Obviously we love history and Philly is a natural for us.

    On our way back we plan to hit Hershey & Primanti Brothers in Pittsburgh. Other than that we don't have many stops planned...are there any unique places to stop that won't take all day? We will be taking I-70 & I-76.

    I hope to have a trip outline with some pics when I get back!

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    Since you're leaving tomorrow, I'll keep it simple. Judging from the places you're already planning on visiting, I would recommend that rather than drive into Philly late at night and try to find accommodations, you pull up a bit short in the quaint town of Lititz, PA. I would think a stroll around there in the evening would be more soul soothing than rushing into the big city. Then the next morning, after a decent breakfast. you can drive into Philly after rush hour. Along with the usual historic sites in town such as Independence Mall, be sure to get to both Elfreth's Alley and Betsy Ross' House as well and toss some pennies on Ben Franklin's grave for luck. For quintessential Philly food head for the 9th Street Italian Market.


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