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    Hi ! Would like someone to help me with information about hiring a car in the area of Santa Barbara. We cannot get information here in Sweden.

    My son is going to stay i Santa Barbara for 3 weeks visiting a friend who is staying there studying. My son is 19 years old, is that a problem, being that young ? Does anyone know what´s the best way to get to Santa Barbara from the airport in Los Angeles, LAX ?

    Roger in Sweden
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    Default It's the WorldWide Web

    Välkomnande! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Fortunately, you have access to the same information that we do. If you go to the usual suspects for travel related searches such as Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, and others, you'll be able to quickly get to information on most of the car hire companies in the area and what they offfer.

    Unfortunately, your son's age is going to be a major stumbling block. You'll have to check the fine print for each of the companies that show up on your searches. All will charge a substantial extra fee for anyone under 25, and some may not rent at all to anyone under 21. I wish you the best in your efforts.


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    Thank You for quick answering ! So, there are some problems, both if he actually can hire a car at all, an if so, the costs. But what are the options for yongsters his age ? As I understand, local buses are not so common ? Or is he stuck i Santa Barbara, with no car ? What are his possibilities to move around if he cannot have a car ? I have heard about Rent a wreck, is that a posible option ?

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    Rent-A-Wreck locations are independently owned franchises, so you'll have to contact each of the locations in the L.A. area to find out what their policies towards underage renters. The ones you'll want to check are Los Angeles, Pasadena, North Hollywood, and Covina. I did a quick check of some representative car hire firms, and they all list 21 as the minimum driving age, so I really don't think that a renting a car will be an option. And while the Los Angeles bus system is extensive, it does not get out to Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara also has a bus system, but for transit between the two cities, you'd have to take the train. Sorry the options couldn't be better, but with some planning your son will be able to get around.


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    Thank You again ! I think we now know a little more of the situation for my son. Maybe it´s not so bad staying in Santa Barbara itself, I can imagine.
    I think I now know enough about the situation, if he insists on renting a car he'll have to check availability himself on site.

    So, thank You very much for Your help. Roger

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    Because of insurance companies, it is pretty much impossible to rent a car for any reasonable amount of money if you are under 21. There are some private companies that do rent to under 21, but they charge a LOT more.

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    I'm afraid that if he can find a company willing to rent to him at all (doubtful), it's going to be so expensive that he will be better off using public transportation, buying a bicycle, walking, riding with his friend, and calling a taxi when none of those 4 are feasible.

    There are shuttle buses between LAX and Santa Barbara - round trip is less than $100. There is no train direct to/from LAX.

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