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    Default Mass to Phoenix - 1st time RV

    My husband and I are finally taking a honeymoon. Leaving Mass and heading to Phoenix, in a rented 19 ft Class C (?)

    We are heading 80 across then through Denver (I'm in love with those mountains!) a stop over in Western CO to visit friends then meandering down to see the Grand Canyon and Sedona and dropping off in Phoenix and flying home.

    I have taken this trip in a car but I haven't been in a RV since I was 4 (over 25 years ago)... my darling husband has never left the East Coast.

    I have tons of questions and hope someone(s) doesn't mind helping a newbie out :)

    The RV has the following:

    * Electric Generator (US Only)
    * 40-Gallon Fuel Tank
    * 20-Gallon Fresh Water Tank
    * 6-Gallon Water Heater Tank
    * 17-Gallon Sewage Water Tank
    * 19-Gallon Grey Water Tank
    * LP Gas/Electric Refrigerator
    * LP Gas/12-Volt Furnace
    * 9.5-Gallon LP Gas Tank
    * Shower
    * 110-Volt Roof Air Conditioner

    We are taking the trip in late April and plan on taking 6 days... I've done MD to CO in 3 as the lone driver so I know this is totally doable..

    How often will we need to "dump" and/or fill the water tank? how often should I expect to use the generator? any other tips or tricks?


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    Default won't be much of a honeymoon

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The best think I could really tell you is that you need to rethink this. 6 days isn't going to be nearly enough time to do a trip like this and enjoy yourself. Yes, you could cover the distance, but driving nearly all day for 6 straight days isn't particularly romantic, it doesn't leave much (if any) time for meandering, and its going to end up seeming a lot like work. .

    Throw in the fact that you're going to be driving a large, slower moving, unfamiliar vehicle, and the fact that your husband has no experience on a trip like this, and you're really putting yourself in a position to regret your honeymoon. If you're really want to see the mountains out west, I think you'd have a much better time if you flew out west, spent some time driving around and exploring, and then flying back home.

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    Default Beyond Michael's point....

    Quote Originally Posted by CRG View Post
    How often will we need to "dump" and/or fill the water tank? how often should I expect to use the generator? any other tips or tricks?
    We have an entire section on RVing tips and tricks. But first, I would read this article and plan to follow all of the suggestions if you do the RV. But I concur with Michael -- your going to have to really push to do this in a RV.


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    Thank you for the article links.

    I totally understand and respect what you are both saying.. however it's booked and we're going. We both have experience driving large box trucks and although my husband hasn't made it off the East Coast we've traveled up and down it quite frequently.... I wish we could take a longer trip but it's just not possible now and the rental deal that I found requires 1 way to Phoenix.

    maybe I'll have a good story or 2 to post upon our return?

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    Default Type of usage.

    Hi CRG,

    Firstly, congratulations on your forth coming wedding !

    How often will we need to "dump" and/or fill the water tank? how often should I expect to use the generator? any other tips or tricks?
    There is not a straight answer to this as it will depend on the type of camping you do, as in "resort type" which has full hook ups including water or "basic campground" with no hook ups but shower blocks available or "boondocking" style that has nothing in the way of facilities.

    With the first two options and using the RV toilet in the middle of the night and on the road when needed only and taking advantage of the campground facilities you could possibly get away with dumping once which is normally required before returning it or twice with heavier use. [As long as you don't take long showers and be economical with the water when without full hook ups. When you are without hook ups I would expect you to use the generator for an hour or 2 at night, again depending on what you are using. When cooking or heating the home it's best to have it running for a while to save the battery's running down.

    Mather campground at the South rim of the GC is great and has shower blocks with no hook ups, it also has a dump/top up station that is free to use once you have paid your camping fees and could be an ideal spot to do so. On your last night before returning the RV I would choose a campground with a dump station so you can empty your tanks before returning it with no hassle
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