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  1. Default LA > SD > GC > LV > Indio?

    Sorry for the lazy abbreviations!! ;)

    The wife and I are planning a rather vague road trip with the thought of staying in motels wherever and whenever we get tired, but I need to have some kind of plan.
    I have a few thoughts about which way I want do to this trip, so heres the basics :

    Land in LA April 7th, leaving on the 8th.
    Must get to Indio April 16th, late in the day is fine.

    I'd like to do :

    San Diego area for 1 night.
    Vegas for about 3 nights.
    Grand Canyons West Rim for a day/night and possibly another day if its fun!
    I don't know what else to see thats unmissable?

    The order we do them in isn't important.

    Heres a map with some directions I was toying with, ignore E -> F as that isn't important!

    Any help would be superb!!

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    Woops! Point B on that map is supposed to be the West Rim too!

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    Default West rim ?

    Hello and welcome to R.T.A.

    The West rim of the Grand canyon is on Indian lands and is home to the Skywalk but as far as I know there are no lodgings and little else there. The Grand canyon NP's popular destinations are the North or South rim. The South rim has more visitor facilities and lodgings and is the more popular choice, it is also closer to your main route. The North rim, although only 10 miles or so as the bird flies is over 200 miles by road from the South rim and is liked by many for it's more "remote" feel.

    With 16 days you have many options that could include Death valley or a trip into Utah and Zion NP and Bryce canyon [closer to the North rim].
    There is Page, Lake Powell and Monument valley as well. Between Flagstaff and Phoenix near Sedona you have Red Rock country.

    Have a good look around the forums using the search button for ideas as well as the road trip planning pages. [In the green tool bar at the top of page]

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