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Thread: Which GPS?

  1. Default Which GPS?

    Hi we are about to do a three months trip all around the US. I want to buy a GPS and use it and have though of a Garmin 760 or a Tomtom GO 930.
    Anyone used these and have an opinion? I will be buying it in New Zealand and the Tomtom comes will the US map while the US map for the Garmin is a seperate buy but still the total is NZ$200 cheaper than the Tomtom.

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    Default +1 for Garmin

    I've used Garmin GPS units for 3 years and I've grown quite fond of its interface. I've been meaning to upgrade from the c550 to the T765 myself (because it has free life-time traffic-reporting, but I believe that's one of the very few differences between the 760 and 765).

    I don't know how Tom Tom GPS units compare so that will be up to you to find that out, unless someone else here has experience with those. If you don't need a lot of bells and whistles you can easily go for a cheaper model such as the Garmin nuvi 260 and still get the basics.

    It's best to go into a retail store that has GPS units on display. Find the models closest to what you're looking for and give them a try.

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    I'd buy a Garmin, and wait till you get here. Wal-Mart carries a few models. Example - the 265T is just under $200 US.

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    I do want to go for the high end units and I'm hoping the lane change feature will be useful. I will get it in NZ so once we get back home the warranty will be in this country.
    I'm told the Garmin maps are more accurate but that may be old info. The Tomtom has more accurate destination time I think as it's updated by people who have traveled the routes.
    I'll be in town today and try each type for userfriendlyness.

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    IMO garmin. the girlfriend has the tomtom and i really don't like it. i now use in-dash nav, but my old nuvi was wonderful

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    I'm planning on buying a gps in california. It has to work out cheaper to buy one then rent one from the car hire dealerships. They run about $12 a day so over the 30 odd days we will be renting a car I'm sure buying one is a better deal. I'm not concerned with the warranty as I figure it will pay for itself on the trip and whatever I get after that back in Australia is a bonus. My wife said she seen them online at walmart for $100 on special. So at that price even a budget traveler could afford one.


  7. Default Thanks for advice.

    I'll go for the Garmin 760 which are NZ$490 here plus US map. The 765t with lane guidance aren't available here and I would have to buy it in USA. They are twice the price also.


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