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    Hello Everyone

    Needed suggestions on which route to take to go from Toronto to Atlanta.

    Also needed suggestions on things to see on the way.

    Planning to come back via Pittsburg i.e Atlanta-Pittsburg-Toronto

    Would really appreciate if you could recommend places to sightsee along the way

    Thanks in advance


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    On your way south, the shortest route is to take ON-401 to Detroit and then just I-75 south all the way to Atlanta. Coming back through Pittsburgh only adds 50 miles to that route and you'd go I-85/I-77 up into West Virginia where a shortcut on US-19 would put you on I-79 to Pittsburgh and beyond to Erie, PA, finally using I-90 to the Niagara area and the QEW home. As for places to stop for some exercise and sanity breaks have a look through these lists


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    Not sure when you plan on making your trip, but on April 18th I am leaving from Pittsburgh going to Atlanta. I plan on making a few stops along the way. Mostly for food and gas. But the New River Gorge is a great.

    My return trip is planned for Sunday, April 26th.

    Let me know if my trip coincides with ours.
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