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  1. Default Spring Break Road trip..ANy Suggestions??

    My roomates and i are driving from Tennessee to wyoming, passing through illinois, missouri, nebraska then upto jackhole Grand Tetons area. The we are heading down to Amarillo following Route 66 bak towards Arskansas then back to Tenn. I was wondering if anyone had been on any simialr trips along any of these paths and has any suggestions on campsites, must-see's/do's, cool places to visit, cool places to eat, or any advice or input anyone has would be awesome!!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    You'll find a ton of ideas for each of the states you'll be driving through here and ideas for enjoyable rest breaks along the Interstates here. As far as getting from Jackson Hole to Amarillo, US-66 was decommissioned over 25 years ago, and even when it existed was an east-west route between Chicago and Los Angeles rather than a north-south route between Wyoming and Texas. I'd suggest instead that you have a look at highways like US-189, US-191, and CO-139 with Grand Junction, CO as an intermediate goal and then take US-50 through the Black Canyon of the Gunnison before using US-64/US-87 to Amarillo.


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