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    Hi. I'm hoping someone can help me with a few ideas for sightseeing. We're moving to the DC area in October and we'll be travelling with 3 young children. We want to stop to see our families along the way, but we also want to show our kids as many sights as possible, even if it's slightly out of the way. I've already planned our trip pretty extensively from Monterey to Houston. We then need to go through Atlanta. That's where I'm stuck, because I've only been out that direction a few times.

    Any ideas for sightseeing between Houston and DC, going through Atlanta?


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    There are certainly more than a "few ideas for sightseeing" between Houston and Washington, but here a few to start with: the Creole Nature Trail in southwest Louisiana, the 24 mi long Lake Pontchartrain Causeway north of New Orleans, Gulf Islands National Seashore in southern Mississippi and Alabama, FDR's Little White House in west central Georgia, Stone Mountain outside Atlanta, and Hart State Park on the Georgia - South Carolina line. From Charlotte, NC you can then head north on I-77 and pick up the Blue Ridge Parkway to Shenandoah National Park before finishing up in Washington. Besides these major stops there are plenty of other great places to stop near the highways.


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    thank you so much! that really helps.

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