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  1. Default We Need Help Denver To Vegas!!

    Hi, my family and I are looking for really good roadside attractions between Denver and Vegas. We will mainly be on I-70 and I-15, any suggestions?

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    Default A few ideas.

    Hello and welcome to the R.T.A forums.

    Here are some suggestions but it is difficult to know when we don't know your interests or how long you have for the trip.

    A detour onto Loveland pass The Colorado river state park and Green river are a few places for R@R of I-70. A side trip to Colorado N.M is another.

    On I-15 you could detour to Quail creek near St George or kids might enjoy City view park*** in North L/V.
    Depending on your time scale a day or 2 in Zion N.P. is time well spent.

    [***As a local, I would not recommend this park -- it doesn't have a view anymore -- the trees have grown up -- there are some stunningly gorgeous parks in Las Vegas -- but this isn't one of them -- Mark]
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    Default Adventures await along I-70 and I-15

    In addition to all of the places Southwest Dave wrote about above, consider these three articles about places (just off the road) along I-70 that I really enjoy.

    Viewpoints on the highway (or at least on pavement) and viewpoints with a touch of sand on your tires.

    And actually, just a few miles west of Denver are some pretty cool places for a quick diversion -- check out these suggestions from a local writer.

    On the I-15 section, you can take brief detours to Bryce National Park, Cedar Breaks, or Zion National Park. If you don't have time for that much of a detour I would certainly recommend a drive through Snow Canyon -- lots of beauty packed into this state park!

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    Thanks a lot! I was hoping for more cheesy roadside attractions like the biggest ball of twine, but I can't seem to find any!

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    Default Oh, you want TTT*

    *tacky tourist favorites!

    This page gives you a list of some of the odd places we've discovered, listed by state. More fun and odd stuff is on our Roadside Marvels page. This page gives you short descriptions with links to other websites that should yield some great information to help you out. Our friends at Roadside America have dedicated themselves to finding all the TTT's out there.

    After you've picked out the TTT's you want to see, come on back here for help in planning a route to see them, and any other roadtrip questions you have.

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