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    Hi everyone, I'm a noob. :-) My fiance and I are trying plan a honeymoon for just after Memorial Day this year. We were thinking of the Vegas to the Grand Canyon thing, but now we're thinking of driving to the Florida Keys. We'd like to stop at good restaurants and nice sights along the way. Any recommendations? We love BBQ. Also, I'd love to see Savannah.

    We have been thinking of renting a Dodge Sprinter for the trip. Has anyone driven those? We might try to find one that's been converted into a camper. Anways, any tips or ideas would be GREAT!

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum and congratulations on your nuptials!

    This trip is about 2500 miles round trip, if you go to Key West, so if you've got 7 days it's definitely a doable trip. As always, more time is always better. One thing about the Keys is they are a considerable distance over slower roads than other parts of the country. It depends on what you want out of the trip. Are you looking to move from place to place each day, or do you want to set up for a couple of days in a certain location?

    There's absolutely nothing stopping you from spending some time in Savannah.

    Are you looking to go camping on this trip? I've not driven the Sprinter but if I were to go that route I'd make sure the one I rented had the diesel engine.

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    Thanks for the welcome! If the trip is cheap enough, we could spend more than 7 days. I'm not sure if we're looking to go to a new place each day. I'm sure we'll probably want to stay in a spot for a few days. We've thought about camping. At least, it would be cheap on the way down to stay in a Walmart lot or something if we had a Sprinter RV.

    We're going to look into things to do in the Keys. We would love to do some fishing while we're there.

    I think we'd definitely get the diesel. Don't they get around 25 mpg?
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