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    Default If No Problems

    Quote Originally Posted by glc View Post
    About 2 hours. It's 106 miles.
    Heaven help you if there is an accident. Plus, the first time we went to the Keys, we got held up at a bridge north of Key Largo for about two hours.

    Plus, I find this a particularly "hard" drive because of the traffic and all that great scenery. I am always compkletely wornout by the time we get wherever we're going.

    Then, when we got to Key West, the first place wanted $95 (back in the early 1990s). The next two places wanted $105 and $120. All of a sudden, the $95 was looking good. But, the room was sold by the time we got back.

    Generally, the motels right when you get to Key West or a bit cheaper.

    Sorry, can't help you with camping.

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    Default One of our contributors suggests

    Chad Whitney did a camping trip to the keys in 2007 -- here is his field report.

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    Thanks Mark. I have read that report previously and enjoyed it but I had checked the two camping suggestions there and they were both full sadly. Thanks everyone for the tips!

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