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    Aloha from Hawaii,

    Some friends and I ranging in age from 31 - 35 are in the process of planning an RV Road Trip from 5/28 - 6/8/09. I have never done this trip before so I'm looking for some suggestions, helpful hints and some hot spots. We plan on flying into Seattle and start off the next morning though Oregon, pass through the Southern Coast of Cali, through Arizona and end in Vegas, baby! Do you predict that 12 days would be a sufficient amount of time to allow for this trip? We'd like to do some white water rafting, some of the amusement parks such as Six Flags, Great America and/ or Knotts.

    I'd appreciate any help in planning for this trip and even some sites I can go to to get some help...

    Mahalo (Thank You)

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    Your trip can be done in 12 days but if you spend several days at the amusement parks, you might start feeling really rushed. It's two days from Seattle to the LA area...two long days...driving down I-5. This is without any stops to explore. And then another day over to Vegas. So, basically, you need a minimum of three days for driving, more if you want to explore and play along the way.

    You will want a minimum of 1 day in each amusement park. So that's at least three days right there. Aren't you visiting The Mouse at Disney? If so, plan for two days there. And the rides at Universal Studio are a real hoot, too, and would take an extra day.

    I may be mistaken but I get the feeling from your post that you plan on zipping through WA and OR to get to the Southern CA area. If so, why are you flying into Seattle in the first place? If I misunderstood, do you want hints of things to see in WA and OR? If so, what kinds of things interest you?

    But, if rides and the Southern Cal area intrigue you the most, I think you should fly in there and save yourself some time on the road. There is a lot to see/do in the Southern CA area besides amusement parks to keep you busy before you head to Vegas.
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    Amusement Parks should be an all-day endeaver. If that's the case, be prepared for some days where it's just mostly driving (which can get boring, etc).


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    As said above, if you want to enjoy theme parks and Vegas you will find yourself a bit rushed [not a good thing when travelling by R.V Lol !] and would probably be better off flying in further South.

    I would also consider the fact that an R.V might not be the best form of transport if you are spending more time staying near theme parks and city's. It will almost certainly be more expensive than a car and Motels, slow going and more stressful driving through the city's. [And that's from a big fan of R.V. travel] ;-)

    If theme parks are not a "big thing" and you take your time travelling and enjoy the scenery, alternating between coast and inland then that's a different matter..


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