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    Me and my buddy are planning a road trip after the new year from northeast PA up through the Adirondacks of upstate NY for a few days of winter backpacking then possibly driving up into Maine and/or Boston area to hit up some good restaurants and pubs along the way. Do you guys have any advice, tips or suggestions where to go in the New England region? We are looking to spend not a whole lot of money and if possible no hotels... Thanks!

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    The what to see is easy, here are a few of my favorite New England locations. The how is a bit more problematical. To not spend any money on motels in a New England winter, particularly the kind they've been experiencing this year, is nigh onto impossible although I suppose you could try couchsufing or low cost hostels. But camping or even sleeping in the car at truck stops would be very uncomfortable at best and could easily ruin an otherwise enjoyable trip.


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