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    Someone gave me a Garmin nuvi 760 GPS system as a gift. I've done no research on GPS systems, so I'm wondering whether anyone can offer feedback on whether this is a good system or whether I should exchange it in for another. (The gifter volunteered that I should exchange it if I didn't like it.) If you know of a better model, please let me know.

    On a related note, I'd been thinking about getting an iPhone because I'm often in new cities, looking for businesses and such, so it'd be great to look up stuff on the Internet. Does anyone know whether the iPhone GPS is reasonably good enough that it's unnecessary to have a GPS, or would a GPS still come in handy even with an iPhone?

    Thanks for shedding any light.
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    Default Garmin rules in my book

    I've been using my Garmin (c550) for over 2 years, and despite hiccups here and there it's been a great unit. The model you have is light years better than mine. I'm looking to get the 765T soon (because it has free [albeit ad-supported] traffic reporting). If you don't care about live traffic updates then yours is more than adequate.

    I've never used the other brands (Tom Tom, Magellan, etc.) so I can't vouch for how well they are compared to Garmin. But I see no reason to exchange for something different.

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    Thank you. I'm starting to mess with it, and it looks promising.

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